Florida Man September 15 – The Serial Foot Sniffer

These Florida Man September 15 reminds us of why we don’t live in Florida.

Do you remember what happened on September 15?

With the case of Petito that shook the whole country, it’s hard to forget about this day.

But, there’s also another story of Florida Man September 15, which is also kind of disturbing. See the full stories here:

Florida Man September 15, 2015 – Florida Man Accused of Smelling Woman’s Feet at The Library

MIAMI, Fla. – Police have arrested a Florida man after several days of crawling under the tables to smell women’s feet at Florida International University.

We agree that everyone has their kinks, and it’s very personal. You can keep it to yourself but should never force yours on somebody else, especially if they don’t even know you.

The Florida Man here is Eddy Juan (52). Police have arrested Juan and charged him with sexual offenses, reckless driving, fleeing, resisting without violence, and aggravated assault.

University police have previously warned the students about the man spotted under a table in the campus library.

They gave a detailed description along with the photo to make it easier for people to spot him.

The chase happened when police spotted the man on the road. Although the police had already set up a traffic stop, the man fled but eventually crashed.

Police then arrested him immediately for his wrongdoings.

Florida Man September 15

Florida Man September 15, 2021 – The Gabby Petito Case

NORTH PORT, Fla. – The story begins when a Florida Man travels with his 22 years old fiance across the country. Police later investigated him and found him dead due to suicide.

Well, this is one story we are sure everybody will remember.

The twisted case involves Brian Laundrie (23) and his fiance, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, who had reportedly disappeared.

Investigators first considered Brian as a victim, but later changed his status to a person of interest.

Her disappearance was first known by the police after her family told them that the couple had been traveling cross-country in a van.

The couple had always documented their travels on YouTube Channel named Nomadic Statik and Van Life.

On September 1, Laundrie returned to his hometown, North Port, with the van they were using. But he wasn’t with Petito. The FBI then investigated and fully processed the van as evidence.

According to the police statement, there had been no criminal activities during the ten days before the family reported the missing daughter.

They also stated that Laundrie wasn’t available for an interview and provided no helpful details about the disappearance.

Then, finally, we got the answer months after, on January 21 this year, when the FBI had provided an update about the case and decided to close the topic after learning about how Petito died.

The family finally had the answer they had been waiting for.

According to the evidence, Laundrie killed Petito in the woods.

However, Searchers later found Laundrie dead with a hole in his head. He shot himself and left a backpack, revolver, and a notebook as evidence.

The book had detailed information about how and what happened to Petito. The reason, however, remains unknown.

Final Thoughts

September 15 is indeed a grim day, not only for Florida Man but also for all of us. The case of Petito reminds us that the unexpected could always happen.

We won’t know what’s happening behind the happy relationship that could only be seen from the outside.

Keep your relationship healthy, and always talk the problems out before doing any reckless actions.

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