Florida Man June 12

Thanks for joining me today as I cover Florida man June 12

Florida Man has done about anything you can imagine throughout history, but what about what you can’t imagine?

Florida Man sets all-new levels for absurd and stupid. Take a look at some things he did on June 12.

Florida Man June 12 – The Crack Chase

On June 12, a man took police on a drug-fueled multi-jurisdiction chase. The chase concluded when his tires were hit with spike strips.

The man had been high on crack for days. When it looked like he was going to get caught, Florida Man decided it would be a good idea to swallow 20 rocks of crack.

The problem? The man didn’t manage to swallow them all, and they got stuck in his throat. Police had to take him to the hospital to have them removed before he could be taken to jail.

Learn from his example and don’t swallow crack rocks while in a police chase. They probably won’t go down right.

Florida Man June 12 – Intoxicated Destruction

This story impressed us, and we have read about Florida man.

An intoxicated Florida Man entered a hotel lobby and decided that he was going to go crazy. He decided to smash a computer monitor and break down the glass that divided the desk.

Somehow he did this all while so drunk that he could barely stand.

Florida Man June 12

Florida Man June 12 – Bitten in The Face

This is why you need to be careful in Florida. Florida Man was looking for his Frisby on June 12 and didn’t check where he was looking.

An alligator was there, and it bit him in the face. Florida Man managed to survive, despite being bit in the face.

In Florida, it is not only the people you have to worry about biting your face off.


Florida Man indeed gets up to a lot of trouble. Today’s tales were not as weird as some of them, but they were odd.

If you want to see more of what Florida Man has done, read some of our other days in history.

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