Florida Man June 6

Florida Man June 6 has made national headlines with the number of crazy things he has been up to. Everyone has been entertained by those headlines too.

Sometimes even stumped. Today we will look at some of those ridiculous things that Florida Man has done since June 6.

Florida man June 6 – Bragging to 9-1-1

A Florida man decided that he was going to call 9-1-1 to report a call that he received that was suspicious. While on the phone, he decided that he would hit on the female dispatcher.

It turned into a phone call from Florida Man bragging about his muscles. Florida Man was arrested after the police showed up and he threatened to kill the officers and spat on them.

Florida Man June 6 – Naked In The Chicken Coop

Sometimes Florida Man escapes from his state, ends up out of Florida, and causes trouble.

This Florida Man went to New York after committing some crimes in Florida. He was in a stolen vehicle when he wrecked it and decided to jump into someone else’s pickup bed to try to get away. That driver noticed and pulled over.

Florida Man ran into the woods to try and find a hiding spot. He hid in a chicken coop and then when caught, found another chicken coop to hide in.

Instead of trying the same thing as the first, he hid in the second chicken coop naked. The sheriff arrived and arrested the naked man.

During the arrest, a K-9 bit Florida Man. Almost revenge-worthy after he killed someone’s family dog.

Florida Man June 6

Florida Man June 6 – Should Have Obeyed The Traffic Laws

On June 6, a Man was driving down the highway when he failed to move over for emergency vehicles. His window tint was also above the legal limit.

Police pulled over the Florida Man and during the stop, a K-9 was run by the car. The K-9 alerted and the police searched the car.

Right in the trunk was 115 lbs of marijuana, or over $1 million of product. Florida Man probably should have obeyed traffic laws when traveling with that much marijuana.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man has been up to some weird things on this day but that isn’t all he has done. Make sure to read some of our other days in history to see the other crazy things that Florida Man has done.

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