What is the correct HGH Dosage

This is one of the frequently asked questions on human growth hormone. Moreover, this question needs be answered right away. In here, we will provide the factors which affects the dosage of HGH for different individuals to give the best response on the FAQ, “How much HGH should I take?”.

Factors affecting Somatropin Dosage

  1. Your health state
  2. Your current physique and experience
  3. The drugs you are taking recently
  4. Percentage of fat in your body together with your body weight
  5. The protocol and cycle duration of utilizing and HGH product
  6. The limit of your budget
  7. 7. Most important is how the dosage is affecting your blood levels.

The Purpose Of Determining Your Own Somatropin Dosage

HGH provides the same outcome in any dosage. However, the intensity of its effect is dependent on the amount. Furthermore, it is also important to determine the appropriate dosage fitted for your body to avoid deficiency and overdose on this substance. To give you an example of ideal doses of HGH in accordance to its purpose, check the table below.

Dosage Purpose
2-3 IUs This dosage is enough for Anti-aging purposes like the improvement of joints, skin, and bones.
4-8 IUs This dosage is enough for fat loss while enhancing the build up of lean muscle mass.


HGH Experience as a Factor

Your experience in HGH is one of the factors that affect your Somatropin dosage. Let’s say you tried this substance for the first time then afterward, your body became relatively weak and normal. This means that your body is fit for a lower dosage. For this matter, 4-6 IUs is enough. However, if you are already a veteran in taking this amazing elixir, you will be needing more like 10 IUs. Higher dosage of HGH is only advisable for professional sportsmen who need to bulk up their muscles.

The Protocols of Somatropin

Little did we know that this healing and anti-aging product has also a protocol for its usage. Moreover, there are three of them which we must learn to deal with it the right way. ED for everyday usage, EOD for every other day usage, and lastly, 3TW or three times a week usage. But, you can also try dividing the daily dosage of this substance if you prefer or just take it all in one shot.

The ED protocol is best for bodybuilding due to its ability to make the levels of human growth hormone and IGF-1 smooth which is best for muscle growth and fat loss. However, it is proven that EOD protocol is better when it comes to muscle gains. It is also a way to avoid the development of diabetes by performing a longer cycle of HGH usage for about six months. Another purpose of EOD is to cut the cost of taking HGH. Furthermore, if you are financially capable then we’ll recommend ED for best results. Finally, the 3TW is used for GH-deficient children’s treatment. It aids in lowering the formation of antibodies inside the body by taking the human growth hormone for about several years. Hence, this HGH usage protocol is not suitable for bodybuilders.


Other than the above-mentioned facts there is another way that is best to determine the most accurate Somatropin dosage for you to take. That is by getting tested in a legit HGH clinic. In fact, HGH Vallarta can help you with that. Easy steps, clear instructions, follow it and you will get the dosage fit for you.

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